Building Scenarios

What is the Projected Dividend Income?

The projected dividend income is a tool that can answer an investor’s what-ifs questions. Here you can build out scenarios to see what the best allocation for your money is.


This is your portfolios’ earnings overview split up by months. Three filters can be applied to answer any questions regarding a specific asset or changing the view of the chart.

View Holdings

Here you can filter out which earnings you would like to see based on a specific stock. To filter out a particular stock, click on the down arrow by all and select the particular asset you would like to analyze.

Group By

This filter allows the user to change the way their earnings are visualized. Users can see their grouped earnings or stack the earnings to better visualize how companies are weighted in your portfolio.



The timeframe filter allows the investor to see their earnings based on a specific amount of time they wish to see.

How to use the Scenario Builder

Step 1

Choose a potential investment and search up the stock in the scenario builder box.

(For this example we will utilize NOBL ETF)

Step 2

Enter the number of shares you would like to purchase.

You will see the total cost of the investment based on the last recorded price.

Step 3

Click on the “Create Scenario” button

You can repeat this process up and create as many scenarios as you would like.


After you enter all your potential investment, you should see how they will impact your earnings.

Delete or Disable a Scenario

To delete a scenario, press the red trash icon and the scenario will be deleted. If you would like to disable the scenario but not completely remove, toggle the switch, and it will enable or disable the scenario

What if I’m thinking about selling some of my stocks?

Here are the steps to see how selling one of your assets will impact your portfolio's earnings.

Step 1

Click on the sell tab in the scenario builder box.

Step 2

Choose the investment you are thinking of selling and select the number of shares you would like to sell.

Step 3

Click on Create Scenario

You will see the Y-axis values change, reflecting the impact of your sell scenario.