Getting Started

First Steps

First of all, thank you for joining. We hope that these documents can answer all your questions, but if not then feel free to email ricardo(@)thecarrot(dot)app and he’ll be able to get help your personally. The first thing you’ll see when you join is an initial onboarding screen that looks like the following

Setting up your Portfolio

At this point you build your initial portfolio with the holdings you bought and at what price you bought them. The default price is based on what the security is currently trading at.

After clicking continue you’ll see a tutorial on how to navigate the “portfolio” page. The portfolio page is crucial as it gives you all the key metrics and numbers related to your dividends.

The piechart represents your annual dividend income broken down by each security. The table below gives you key facts on each holding.

Adjusting your portfolio

You can click on the “View” button to view more detailed information on each security as well as buy/sell more shares of each security. The “Edit” button also let’s you buy and sell each security quickly without leaving the page. Also, the headers of the table are clickable and allow you to sort your portfolio from high to low.

Upcoming Events

To the right you’ll see your watchlist once you’ve added more securities and an event feed that shows a few upcoming events.

Relevant News

Scroll to the very bottom and you’ll find news articles based on your holdings. You can click on “All Holdings” to change the news to only show results related to an individual holding.

Finally if you want to buy/sell more shares you can click “Lookup Additional Holdings” or click on the “Search” tab at the very top.

This is all you need to get started using Carrot, for additional features feel free to check out the Income page where you can build scenarios or the “Alerts” page where you can create custom alerts on different factors such as stock price or ex-dividend date.

Reach your Dividend Goals