Setup Your First Alert

What are alerts?

Alerts are essential tools to passively managing your portfolio. With the right alerts setup you can find the best time to buy or sell your stocks to maximize your dividends and your returns. Below are the alerts that you can build.


Best utilized for maximizing your potential dividends. The ex-dividend alert allows you to be notified right before the ex-dividend date, allowing you to purchase more of your favorite stock to get in on the next dividend payment.


Best utilized for securities in your portfolio, the earnings alert lets you know right before the quarterly earnings report is about to take place, allowing you to reassess your position and determine if you want to buy/sell more shares.

Percent Change

A personal favorite of mine, the percent change alert lets you know when a security goes up/down by a certain percentage, effectively let you know that it may be a good time to offload or reload your current position.


Perhaps the simplest, the price alert lets you know when a stock exceeds or falls below a certain point. This alert is best recommended for stocks that you are keeping your eye on and have yet to make a purchase decision.

Setting It Up

When you navigate to the Alerts page at the top navbar you will see an orange button with the text Build an Alert. Click it to get started

Assigning Your Alert

The first step in building an alert is to assign it. When you assign an alert you are telling your alert to watch monitor your portfolio, watchlist, or a specific symbol.

Choosing a Type

After the alert is assigned then you can choose one of the alerts from above. Keep in mind that price alerts are only available to specific symbols, while all other alerts can monitor multiple securities at once.

Pick a Trigger

After choosing the type then you have to choose the triggers. The triggers vary depending on the type of alert. Price alerts have specific price points as triggers, percent change alerts use specific percentages, while earnings and ex-dividend alerts use “days before” the event as a trigger.

For percent change alerts it is recommended you use a value of +/- 5% or more, otherwise you may have the alert sending you tons of triggers throughout the day depending on the volatility of the market.

Final Steps

Finally, you can confirm the alert and then it will automatically run in the background. Percent change and price alerts will check the market for changes every minute, while earnings and ex-dividend alerts check the market every day for upcoming earnings calls or ex-dividend dates.

Reach your Dividend Goals