Understand The Metrics

Know the Numbers

To understand how your portfolio is doing it is essential that you understand the key metrics that drive performance. On the portfolio page there are six key stats that give simple, yet useful information regarding your dividends

Total Equity

This is the total value of your portfolio. For instance if you own 10 shares of AAPL trading at $200 and 10 shares of SBUX trading at $80, then the total equity of your portfolio is calculated by the following:

(10 shares x $200) + (10 shares x $80) = $2,800

Portfolio Yield

The portfolio yield is a weighted average based on the dividend yield of each holding. For instance, if AAPL is trading at $100 and provides a $2 dividend then it has a dividend yield of 2% and if SBUX is trading at $80 and has dividends of $0.80 then it has a yield of 1%. To calculate the yield of a portfolio with 10 shares of AAPL and 10 shares of SBUX you would use the following formula.

(AAPL as % of Portfolio x AAPL Yield) + (SBUX as % of Portfolio x SBUX Yield)

(($2000 / $2,800) x 2%) + (($800 / $2800) x 1%) = Portfolio Yield (0.71 x 2%) + (0.29 x 1%) = .0142 + .0029 = 1.71%

Next Dividend Payment

The app automatically finds out the date of your next dividend payment coming up based on your current holdings

Annual Income

The amount of dividend income you are expected to generate within a 12 month period.

Monthly Income

Your annual dividend income divided by twelve

Daily Income

Your annual dividend income divided by 365

These key metrics can help you get a grip on your dividends are provide the foundation for you to be a successful dividend investor

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