Why Use The Carrot App?

How will it help you?

It's all about saving time

We built the Carrot app largely as a way to save you time as a dividend investor. When you manage your portfolio there are a bunch of important, but rote calculations that consistently need to be done. The Carrot App abstracts away all of those important calculations and allows you to spend more time doing more valuable research and making better decisions

How much is your time worth?

My Time is Worth $15.00 / hour or $31,200.00 / year

Carrot users save on average 3 hours per month

After one year of using Carrot you will save 36 hours or $540.00 worth of your time. After the annual fee of $36 this leaves you with

$504.00 worth of your time saved

Meet the Team

Ricardo Pierre-Louis
Software Developer

Ricardo is the lead developer and your first point of contact for customer support. His background in modern web technologies, design, and business give him the unique ability to build the Carrot app into the leading tool for dividend investors.

Notable trait: Favorite Authors are Roberto Bolano and Toni Morrison

Armand Bogdan
Business Development Director

Armand is a recent UIUC graduate with a degree in Economics. Steadfast dedication to streamlining operations and achieving the next step has allowed him to uncover meaningful truths that define a project’s success.

Notable trait: Pringles connoisseur

Communications Director

Sebastian is the head of communications at Carrot. Starting with an internship with Time Out Chicago at just 14 years old, Sebastian has spent years continually refining his skills as a strategic communicator.

Encyclopedic knowledge about Naruto

Get a grip on your dividends

Fret no longer, the unknowable has become known with Carrot.